I don't feel discouraged or allow myself to be any less of me when I am shooting - for me modelling has only improved the way I view myself. To put yourself out there in front of a lens means you put forward your best. On most occasions, the shoot itself is where I can find my center; the dynamic of having a camera trained on me can often be a place of comfort. The experiences I've had have only helped develop my identity as a model and artist.  

"Doing it for the shot" is sometimes the only route to take. If you're not putting yourself in new situations you can't develop as a model and artist. Even the unfamiliar should be welcomed or you risk being stuck in a cycle.




Brian and I have a unique creative relationship - which as you've worded it, is just very good chemistry. We have similar tastes and we respect each other's direction, almost to the point where little is said between us during a shoot. There's a very symbiotic trust we have with each other. We pride ourselves on our ability to create in very unfavourable circumstances, guerrilla shooting our way out of anything. 





Bad Bunny was a collaborative project like most of our shoots. For this particular set I had a creative direction in mind and Brian created the mask himself. We wanted to shoot something sexy, powerful, and a little mischievous.


Elizabeth Ai-Quyen // lizzynopants

Brian Huynh // brianhuynh // brianhuynhphoto.com


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