Since I was last on JUNNNKTANK, I had freshly arrived in Japan and I was getting used to the culture. I was the Editor-in-Chief of Sodapop Magazine and that is no longer the case. I am now two years and some change in and I have barely touched the surface of what Japanese culture is. Luckily, I managed to infiltrate the aspiring model network in Japan. Which brings me to Launch Pad Gallery and the wonderful owners that run it. They afford me the ability to create in a safe space with models. I have to mention them because they're part of my Japan experience. This particular set was shot at Launch Pad Gallery with Kaiko. I met her through a local Tokyo based Japanese photographer named Kaz. We met up at Launch Pad and the result is what you see.


Kaiko // kaiko_tttt

Edwin Monico // monmonicomonster // edwinmonico.com // junnnktank.com/edwinmonico


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