The photoshoot started because Masaki was looking for new models to pose for this really cool brand called Fack It, a techno inspired brand from the Netherlands. The idea sounded great to me and I quickly accepted his offer. After talking for over six months of busy schedules, summer break getting in the way, and booking the right equipment for the whole photoshoot, we finally managed to meet up and create some new work. It was right in the middle of fall and it was supposed to be a dark and cold day, but we were super lucky for that weekend only we got a hot and sunny day.

We started shooting some lingerie just to warm up a little bit and to get to know how both of us work. We played some music and things just went smoothly fine. We clicked really well and it was easy to communicate and to get the images we wanted to get. A funny incident happened while we were shooting in the window. I was totally concentrated on the music and posing to the camera and suddenly Masaki said exactly these words, Oh no, wait. Its too dirty. I turned around and gave him a look of are you saying that about my pose? And I was totally confused about his sentence. I asked again and he repeated the same sentence but this time he was pointing to my butt, then I checked it and yeah, my butt had plenty of dust because I was sitting on the window and it touched the cream I was wearing that day so it created a sort of a dark paste on it (laughing). I was laughing so hard and I told him I thought he was talking about my poses. Masaki obviously understood the whole misunderstanding and laughed out loud along with me.

There was a lady right in front of her window just staring for a few minutes, but this is not something new, she always does this as a hobby. Stalking her neighbours and people outside on the street seems to be a discipline habit she does every day, yet we appreciate her presence. It was like we had some audience.


Diana Browny // dianabrowny // junnnktank.com/dianabrowny

Masaki // madebymasaki


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