Indeed, our work as glamour/nude photographers includes being really confident with the model. I mean, she has to feel secure and have good vibes. For that, before a shoot, I talk a lot by phone or email about the direction we will take. We share somes ideas and a mood board.

The mood board for me is the best way. You let her choose which kind of photography we will make. I don't know if I'm just lucky or not but yes, it's really natural for me to have a good feeling with my colleagues!

First tips: all my sessions of photography are done with some good music and I also let the model choose her own music and it's also nice to see her dance.

If I see she isn't comfortable or motivated while shooting, I show her how to make some poses myself and often she laughs and after that she does them better than me. Don't ask me why but after I show my talent as a model, everyone relaxes. (laughing)




Really, the first one was Celine Andrea. I knew her when she was mainly a model and not a photographer, but yes it was definitily her. The second one was also another French model, Laura Giraudi. For me, that's real natural beauty. I never dared to contact her (laughing).




Wow, wardrobe is a big deal because, yes, there are a lot of casual clothes that I can't work with. For exemple, a simple dress... It's really hard for me; I can't find a good point of view. So I'll leave that job to the real fashion photographers. I'm more comfortable with lingerie and swimwear.




To be honest, even if I'm really shy, I have never really worked on my process to make the models comfortable. I think that's in shooting, shooting, and again shooting, you find the right words, and the right jokes to place at the right moments.

I can remember one of my first shoots, it was so boring and annoying for the model (laughing) because I was just soundless and mute; almost no words at all during the session. It was really weird...

Since that shoot, I promised myself to never do that again.

For how I found voice... it's a bit tricky to explain because since I was twelve I was fascinated by sensuality. I started to sketch some drawings and painted at school just for the fun. I drew for a while women and couples from magazines and fifteen years later I bought my first camera to complete my passion and create my own composition. I was trained as a graphic designer, therefore it was easy to switch in the world of the photography.




So, one of the most challenging aspects of my work but one that I am truly grateful is definitely my tendency to take all the time necessary for post-production. I'm a real geek for that. I can spend a few minutes, hours, days, and years on one picture (laughing) just to clean the skin or adjust the grading.




Honestly, it's really hard to be an optimist when you look at the TV or just the news on the web. Every day a sad thing happens... That's why I totally stopped watching the news. Regarding my work, as we said in French, "Qui vivra verra!"




I got a secret for you, the end of the civilization will never happened and you know why? Because the begans will try to do their best to change this world and change the mentality! #GoVegan.

And if it's not enough, I think the mother and also the father of E.T. will come back to Earth to save us!


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