If my memory is working properly, we got in contact over Instagram. I can't remember who contacted who but that doesn't really matter, does it? I remember seeing photos of Julia and thinking, "This girl is a bombshell! I need to work with her!" We met about a week later and got shooting. We have an awesome working chemistry so I'll continue to shoot with Julia whenever possible.

The vibe of the shoot was awesome from beginning to end. We had tunes pumping on the stereo and just got to work. Julia's a natural so as soon as my camera was out, she was in gear. Lasting memories? Probably how we both have a love for music and that was usually our topic of conversation. We joked a lot about shitty bands.

All the clothes were Julia's and we just played around with them, mixing this and that. She had this rad unicorn bodysuit and we both agreed that was going on for sure. I have so many favourites from this shoot so I can't really say one look stood out from another. It all just flows for me.


Julia Kay // sunndance

Davey Warren // davey.warren // daveywarren.com


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