It is not easy to put yourself out to the world in a vulnerable position where you probably can be judged, even more in a superficial world as is the modeling world, especially in Venezuela where the beauty standards are too high to be real. Standards that make the most beautiful woman in the world feel ugly because she is not taller than the others or she doesn't have "the perfect sizes - 90, 60, 90". Many times I have some self confidence issues because I feel I don't have these "beauty standards," so in order to get my confidence back, I look into my previous work as a model and remind myself that I can look as the woman in those pictures, because I'm that woman. Sometimes we see pictures of beautiful women and think we can't be like them, when we really can.

I have not always felt comfortable in front of the camera. Many times I felt fat, but not because I was fat, it was because I was not how I wanted to be; but now I feel better because I eat well and exercise more. It makes me feel more confidence and comfortable with the camera. I think my confidence has grown since I started modeling in 2009. I learned which angles are my best in the photos, I stopped being shy in front of the camera, then I could show what I wanted to show off. It is very important for me to be comfortable with the photographer in order to make a good job, and sometime I see the pictures he is taking during the photoshoot to keep motivated.

Of my physical self, I like my face and I'm always trying to express as much as I can in the pictures, because i think this it is all about: "express."




We can start with the worst: I remember modeling for a photoshoot of an alternative photographer. She told me to wear a kind of a transparent plastic skirt; I remember I didn't have the right underwear and felt I was showing too much. Otherwise, it was too hot and I was sweating. The skirt was sticky and beside all that we had a lot of workers working at the same location. 

Two of the best photoshoots have been with the Marihuana's body, because it's very confortable and soft, and I know it probable seems like you show too much, but the truth is that you feel covered. The other one was with the tits shirt. Besides being super cool, it was a gift from my best friend. In fact, she made it, she is a fashion designer. I don't usually use it because people think it's transparent and I'm showing my boobs to everyone on the streets, but I really like it and I chose it for the photoshoot. I thought it was going to be fun, and it was! --Even though some people think it's transparent and I'm showing my boobs. (laughing)




When I was young, I loved to paint and draw, but I never thought of the possibility to be a model or actress. I always though my life would go for that road, in fact I am an Illustrator and it was going pretty good. Everything changed when some people "realized" that I had some talent. They offered me an opportunity as an actress, that was a big surprise to everyone, and then I finally realized that my true passion was acting and I don't want to stop doing it.  




One of the most challenging aspects of my work, but one that I'm grateful for is: To be and represent a different person and feel myself as this person. I have to express my emotions to make that person exist, and people believe she is real; they could cry and laugh with the character, expecting that every night they could identify with her because, although I feel good or not, the show must continue.




At this moment, I feel the future as uncertainly because of the political situation in my country, we don't have too many opportunities, and for the few that we have, we already have competition. For now, I will take acting classes to improve. I am going to keep working, searching for projects, and maybe some day I could move to another country if I could have the opportunity to be an actress or a model.




I think the end of the civilization will be caused by global warming. Humans think that money is more important than nature, and they don't realize if you don't have a place where you can live, you are not going to have a place where you can spend the money. 


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