I began modeling in 2012 and I absolutely love it. It is both fun and keeps me busy! I have been in numerous music videos as well but I have to say that being a cameo in Drake's Hotline Bling was my biggest accomplishment yet. I was born in Montreal and have been in the beautiful city of Toronto for about six years now. I love to visit home as often as I can though.

I had a blast working with Andre. He was funny, super professional, and super easy to work with. One of my many favourite models whom I look up to is Dannie Riel. I love her energetic mood, her cute personality, and she looks like fun! 

I love to eat at both STK and Jacobs & Co. The oysters and foie gras are my weakness!


Cat Cruz // cataleyacruz

Revamped Photos // rvmpd


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