We had been looking for a place to shoot. She is a very good friend of mine but I wanted to find the right location, then I was offered the penthouse to do the shoot in and it was amazing; a lovely view and an amazing golden light for the photo shoot. I love how intimate it was. It was her first time shooting in underwear, and it was really calm and flowing, no rush. I loved the skin of the model, such an amazing pearl and her shapes, but the thing I really loved the most was the light. It was such a perfect textbook example of what good light has to be. Also, the decor of the apartment was very well presented and clean. There were textures everywhere and art on the walls. I really loved the whole combo, and the fact that she was very confident about herself and we had an amazing time doing the shoot.


Ximena Ochoa // ximenochoa

Carlos Montoya // chmontoyas


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