I've been told I'm weird, strange, crazy, and special all my life without ever feeling that much distance from everyone. My intention was never to stand out, but to just be, whatever that means... And that can be hard to understand. All these character traits are imposed as a comparison to the subject, yet they're not definitive. I like to think I'm undefined, not confined in a box, regiment, or standard. I don't even like the word, "standard." I used to ponder why somebody would think I'm this way or that but I don't anymore. I'm in love with the process of finding, not the destination or origin. My art is the same way. It's all over the place, wild, undefined and hard to sum up to one description. I never start a drawing the same way. It's more interesting and exciting that way.


Cacia Zoo // caciazoo //

Ryan Bussard // ryan_bussard //


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