I've been told I'm weird, strange, crazy, and special all my life without ever feeling that much of distance from everyone.  My intention was never to stand out but to just be, whatever that means... And that can be hard to understand. All these character traits are imposed as a comparison to the subject yet they're not definitive. I like to think I'm undefined, not confined in a box, regimen or standard. I don't even like the word 'standard.' I used to ponder why somebody would think I'm this way or that but I don't anymore. I feel like I'm a different person everyday. I don't force myself into anything. --And it's amazing to be that way. I'm in love with the process of finding, not the destination or origin. My art is the same way. It's all over the place, wild, undefined and hard to sum up to one description. I never start a drawing the same way. It's more interesting and exciting that way. 

Besides anything else, I think my confidence comes from passion most of all. When I fully indulge myself into things I love, whether it be performing, dancing or creating, there is no doubt, no hesitation but pure immersion and joy. And that is enough to make me feel fully alive and to be able to do what I set out to do. It's all a very organic process. 




I've had my share of self loathing periods. (laughing) I wanted to be taller and have a thinner waist, longer legs, better proportion etc... And when my breast started to develop, it was quite an embarrassing time. Whatever shirt I wore, it always stretched out. It took me some time to become comfortable in my own skin. Now I'd say that I love and enjoy to be in this body. I love my side profile and back. I like my feminine curve and masculine back. I like the trace from my spine's valley down to the butt dimple. --It's my backbone and strength. It's the foundation of my energy. 




My mood fluctuates like everyone. It is important to look up and move forward. Life is about building yourself! One of my favorite quotes is, "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." --From Oscar Wilde.  


Cacia Zoo // caciazoo


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