It's very simple. Nudity for me is the simplest way for purity of shapes, curves, lines. It doesn't lie. I also think partial nudity is a great way to add sensuality in photos, in an aesthetic form. As a personal choice, I started to do nudes almost as soon as I started to do photos. For me, it allows you to express so many emotions, to build so many scenes, to tell so many stories. When you start from the nudes, you don't put any frontiers to yourself. You add things instead of remove them, since you start from the essence of what we are. And I also think skin as a great texture, but that's something else.

I like to work with people who are fun, sensual, easy-to-work with, have a bit of craziness and still are serious enough to show up in time. I contact a lot of people and I have a lot of people who contact me. The first feeling is always important. If this feeling is good enough then we can move on to the process of shooting. The day of the shoot, the most important thing for me is to set the model at ease. If a model is an exceptional beauty but is impressed by the camera, I know I may end up not having the photos I wanted to.


Bruno Bozon // brunobozon //


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