I think at the moment I am a bit obsessed with nostalgia and prolonging adolescence. The characters in everything I write want to recapture the past and there always seems to be an element of youthfulness and innocence in my photos. I think that is just a phase I am going through because I can't wait for the future. I am about to complete a graphic design course and put a portfolio together. 2012 will be the best year yet! I will be making a short film, moving in to a new home and having a snowy Christmas in the US with my family, hopefully visiting Canada as well. I want to move to Berlin one day, too!

Townsville isn't very small, but it's a lot smaller than Brisbane. Our house was right next to the bush and I remember playing in the front yard with my brother and having to run inside whenever we would see a snake, but I don't remember the interior of our house at all! I guess that is what inspires me about Townsville, our beach house nearby and my childhood there. Time was only spent outdoors, at parks and on the beach. And it was always hot and sunny.




Before I became serious about photography, I went to film school. Ultimately, I want to direct feature films but I was drawn to photography because I approached it as though I was capturing small moments of an entire story. I love fashion, too, so I spend a lot of time looking at fashion photography. I became interested in pursuing it myself after seeing a film Ellen von Unwerth shot for Erin Fetherston's Winter collection called 'Wendybird.' It was very inspiring. Ryan McGinley, David Hamilton, Wendy Bevan and William Eggleston have also had a major influence on me. I want to start making fashion films because of the complete freedom and creativity that medium allows. I hope to make my first one early next year and also a short film that I have been writing for a while now.


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