When I was creating my website, I stumbled across these words and they describe the perfect base for everything that I do: "We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it's a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift."

Sometimes I feel like to love a female body is a bad thing. Society tries to tell you if you're into the body, you don't care about the character, about her personality, and all those hidden things.

But we all know that's bullshit. We all have a standard of beauty, but what we don't realise is that it's likely a flawed perception. Having the opportunity to photograph countless women of all shapes, sizes, and ages, I am proud to say I have successfully been able to provide a product that makes each of these women feel happy, sexy, and confident. I choose my models upon their personality; the appearance of each model is the first step. If I like her look, we talk. It's all about how she reacts, how she responds to this style of photography, how motivated she is, how she talks and overall, how she is treating herself and her body. 

And this brings us back to the quote. I love to work with women who are open minded, free, and not scared because of society's stupid rules. What's right or wrong is up to you and if you love your body, you should have the right to enjoy it. Be naked, be sexual, be free.

Everytime somebody is upset about my photos, this quote shows me everything is fine and I should keep going. So I continue shooting women that I want to.




As it all started, it wasn't easy to show people what I was trying to say with my work. My influence was low, the models were wary and I had to talk a lot to convince them. A guy once called me a "pornographer" and it was definitively not what I wanted to be. Using photography to express yourself is not as easy as it sounds, at least for me.

But as time drew on, I've been more and more happy with my work and it has been easier to convince people and first of all my models to work with me. And actually, the most important feedback I get is always from the models themselves. If they like it and I like it, everything is great!  And maybe this is where I draw my confidence from. If you know your models support you in whatever you do, it's not that important what society says.




(laughing) It stands or falls with the communication. It's by far the most important and biggest part in the process of shooting for me. But for me, it's hard to say what I always do before a shoot.  

There aren't real rituals or routines; every girl is different so I always have to figure that out first. And I think the best way to describe my way of preparing for a shoot is to ask a model herself. As I did for you. ; )

My babe @lisawmeir was kind enough to answer your question from her particular perspective:

First of all, you get mentally prepared from the photographer asmuchasicecream himself. He connects with you over text message weeks before the actual shoot and builds up a trustful relationship by showing photos from other shootings or making jokes. He includes you in his plans and wants you to be happy with the work and the results. To make sure the model is at her best, he sometimes makes up rules. With me, he made the rule that I have to do squats, which is done in a jokingly but serious way. But I think he knows who could be perfect for his shoots before knowing the model, so they are at their best from beginning on. He is also very dominant and magically can do with a girl what he wants to because of his pleasant character. The photographer gets along with everyone and this is why he is more and more successful. In my opinion, by his confidence and many provocative posts he also grows the confidence of the model herself and shows the people that they have to be more tolerant of naked bodies and this kind of artwork even if there is criticism.




I think humanity wouldn't be at the point we're at now if nobody would challenge all the common rules and practices. And for me, society's pressure is more of a motiviation right now because if there is no pressure, there probably isn't a real problem. 

And since I was a teenager I've been trying to test the alternative options; there's always another way of thinking.

[Criticism] was more of a motivation by itself. As I started, I was inspired by guys like Alexander Tikhomirov who had just started his career at that point. He shot girls in a totally different way and I loved the look and feel of everything he did. But also, it was just "porn" for most people. That's why people called me a pornographer as I started; I tried to shoot the same style. But very fast I got my own look and feel - a lot cleaner and more positive. My image changed and everything became easier. 




Almost all the time I prefer to shoot models in basic underwear. Nothing special, clean and without any colours because black and white are my all time favourites. I had a lot of trouble with lingerie, it made me go crazy simply because my very provocative kind of shooting didn't match with the sexy underwear; it was just too much. But for the past couple of weeks I've been trying to add more and more lingerie to my shoots to get more into it.

I challenge myself with that a little bit right now. We'll see, maybe there is no trouble with lingerie anymore soon. But the love for black and white will never change. ; )




One of the most challenging aspects of my work, but one that I'm grateful for is: Girls... and I think every man knows what I'm talking about. Sometimes these beautiful human beings are driving me crazy. They make me wanna quit. They're unreliable, they're lying. I planned shoots with girls who used fake accidents of friends or family or deadly diseases to cancel a shooting in the last minutes. Even the grandma died two or three times and the mother had two birthdays in six months. Sometimes I have to set up shoots with three or four girls for the same day to shoot at least one. Also, shitty boyfriends control way too many of their decisions.

On the other hand, I don't wanna miss all the great and fun times I had and all the inspiring girls I met in the last two years of shooting. A few of them became close friends and all of them helped me to learn about myself.

Girls are the most fascinating and interesting part of my daily life, seriously. In good and bad ways.




To be honest, I don't have any plans right now for what I want to do with asmuchasicecream in the future. I mostly do what comes into my mind. At the moment I'm working a lot on my website, I created a simple shop to sell some of my favourite photos as high quality prints. Also, I'm trying to improve the usability of my website.

A few weeks ago I added a "mixtapes" part to my website to share my own spotify playlists with everyone. Also, there are a couple of cool guys who want to work with me for pretty interesting projects.

I don't know what I will do next week or month, we'll see. But for sure, I will try my best to entertain the people who support me.




The end of civilzation will be caused by: I'm a fan of the 80s and all the trashy stuff it brings with it. I'm pretty sure Sonny Crockett will come straight from the year 1984 to rescue the world riding on a laser shooting tyrannosaurus-rex but the disco robots will conquer the world with their white slippers on.

You can't win dance battles against the disco robots. End of civilzation, end of interview. 


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