When I first started, I wanted to look good. I was a very insecure, but as time passes by and you keep doing your stuff, confidence starts to show more and more. Today, I give zero fucks. I just do what I want. Of course, your influences will show up in your work but that is part of the process. As cliché as it may sound, I believe that the female body is one of nature's best creations so far. When you mix this raw power with each individual's personality, things get really interesting.

I do have some aesthetics that I am always looking for but that's not mandatory. Often times personality, attitude, creativity, responsabilty, vision, and some other things will play a big role in choosing a model. I always go out with something in mind, but, you know, you always pick something interesting from people. I have that vacant gap ready to be filled with unplanned stuff that people will hint as they start to progress.

I give them the mood, the direction, and let them be.




One of the most challenging aspects of my work but one that I am truly grateful for is: Overcoming people's insecurities and building trust. Most of the people I work with are not professional models. Many of them have never been in front of a photographer before. They're often so scared. I feel really glad and grateful to be able to get them comfortable enough so the magic can happen.




Yes, of course I'm optimistic about the future! You gotta dream or you're dead. I'll keep improving and keep trying to beat the creativity monster. Don't wanna hit a plateau anytime soon. What's coming up next? No clue! That is what makes things exciting for me.




The end of civilization will be caused by: Goku won't let it happen, sorry.


Artur Borns // arturborns


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