To be self-confident takes time and experience. I also took acting courses. It helps a lot to face the opinions of others and to tame our "defects." With age, we learn to accept such as we are, but sure, it is never totally the case and it is important for me to maintain my body in shape so that the image which I see in the mirror pleases me.

Once I shot in a Zuhair Murad dress and it was an amazing experience for me, but I am not very used to wearing fashion. I am more comfortable in my own skin so nudity is easy for me. I really don't care about the public when I shoot, and I feel more creative when I am outside or in a public place than in a studio. I am not afraid of nudity when I work, I am very focused.

I have been more selective with the photographers I work with since approximately one year ago. I do case by case but my collaborations are increasingly more rare with time.

One of the most challenging aspects of my work but one that I am truly grateful for is: Always being creative and surprising to please others.

I am postive from one side because I am working on very a important project and I know my qualities, but from another side, I sometimes feel hurried because I am getting old! (laughing)

The end of civilization will be caused by: Our outer quests instead of inner.


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