I feel like for as long as I remember I knew I wanted to express myself through pictures. I draw inspiration from raw images I see on JUNNNKTANK all the time, but I think I gain a tonne of inspiration from my friends. They always encourage me to keep pursuing modeling. I also have a lot of good friends who are in the music business. Something that draws me to their style and inspires me about their work is the originality in it. They never stick to one style or approach, and that's what makes them so likeable to different crowds. I want to eventually do the same, but in pictures and glams/looks. I never want to limit myself. From time to time, I get my doubts about continuing with shoots since recently my last account was disabled due to nudity. I remember and remind myself it's not always all about the followers. If my projects and shoots inspire at least one person, than to me, it was a success.

I definitely think that I get more nervous shooting fashion and clothes. I'm more comfortable shooting with minimal clothing. It didn't take me long to realize that was my favourite style approach. Something about shooting nearly nude to me is very beautiful and comfortable. I admire how when shooting minimal clothing, everything brought to the image is solely made up from the model and the person behind the camera and, for that, I have big appreciation for it. I feel like you can almost always come up with art with clothing, good scenery, props, but I feel it takes some skill and true inner confidence to bring art to life with just you and the skin you're in.

When I first started out shooting, I always doubted myself. I always tried to make myself look like a doll, and picture perfect. If my images didn't turn out that way, I wouldn't like them. It wasn't until just recently that I'm starting to feel comfortable with my own flaws and qualities that make me different, raw, and even beautiful in my own way.




I definitely go through phases where my wardrobe and style changes up. I always wear what I want. Over the summer, I wasn't really feeling colours at all. I wasn't comfortable wearing anything but black. Right now, I'm really comfortable in bright spring colours. I feel like the spring is the time for growth, so I'm trying to expand my tastes. Something that always makes me giggle and laugh, even though this wasn't a total photo shoot, I'll always remember wearing my first Versace sweater in my graduation photos.




Something I look for before I even consider collaborating with someone is professional courtesy. That is very important to me and, sadly, it is becoming more rare these days. My favourite form of photography is currently film. I feel like film always captures me looking like my truest self. Filmy and grain aesthetics are super dreamy to me. I appreciate brands and photographers that consider quality over quantity. I don't necessarily look at how many people the photographer has shot, but who and why.

To be completely honest, I'm pretty used to the extra attention when I go places. Usually during shooting, I have this motivated mindset, so if people are around I just try and let it empower me. I don't really have preference to where I do projects, but I definitely like exploring new places, and seeing new things. Shooting is all a part of growth. You shouldn't do it if you aren't enjoying the process.




Something that has challenged my patience in this industry is definitely drama. Putting yourself out there makes a lot of people feel like they know you, or they are associated with you, when really, they only know the bread crumbs you've tossed out. It gets frustrating. Sometimes in the past, I would feel like people put major evil eye on me and drama would be around every corner I turned. Despite those experiences, I don't think I would trade my hobbies of shooting and modeling for anything. Like Tupac said, "I rather be stricken blind than live without expression of mind." At the end of the day, I'm grateful for who I am and what I have to bring to the table, whether people rock with it or not.




I'm always optimistic. I plan to travel the world, finish college, find soul mates, continue to create a beautiful life for myself, ispire and be inspired, create art, and expand my ways in doing that. I always end up surprising myself with the places I end up and things I do. I'm just really excited to see what projects and shoots I'll come out with next. I want to do things on a big scale. I took a break for a while when my last account was deleted. I definitely was discouraged for a while but now I feel like I'm picking it back up. There really are so many things to look forward to in life. i intend to share a lot of it because it simply makes life so much more worthwhile.




The end of civilization will be caused by: Everyone thinks it's going to be zombies but I have a feeling it's going to be evil waffle bots...


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