Marta is a student of fine arts. I found out about her through a YouTube channel she was hosting at the time. I soon learned we had mutual friends. I told my friend to ask her if she was interested in collaborating with me and he said he would let me know, although he thought there would be a slim chance as she tends to be busy.

Given the opportunity, I'd rather work with a non-model as I prefer to be in the game of showing authentic people and personalities. After some weeks, my friend let me know Marta might be interested. I got in touch with her and we made a plan. I wanted to shoot her somewhere that links with her adventurous personality so we decided to shoot in her faculty building, specifically boys' restrooms. It just felt like the way to go. The shoot was very fun and took us longer than expected. We shot for a good couple of hours, changing outfits and adjusting as we went.

Natural light shoots can be more challenging when you mix outdoor light with whatever's mounted on the ceiling. In this case, I had to balance the colours from those two light sources and account for it while shooting. We had some guys enter the restroom a couple of times but Marta was completely in the zone and we didn't even need to stop as they were entering! It was hilarious seeing their faces as they walked in and struggled to comprehend what was going on in their faculty's restrooms, only to enter their cubicles pretending nothing's going on. We're due to shoot again soon and I'm looking forward to see what we come up with this time.


Marta // lapintoramarta

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