The last time I worked with Ana Maria, I shot her in natural light. The choice of light is key when planning my shoots. For me, it has to connect organically with the subject and the theme. This time I wanted to bring out Ana's raw beauty in another way. I often do my first shoot with a model at her place or somewhere that's connected to her on a personal level. This way I see the subject in her environment so it's not all out of context. My other favourite way to photograph is against something plain. It allows me to remove everything else from the picture and show only the human being. It's deeply revealing.




Ana Maria's character comes through in photographs so I wanted to concentrate on showing only her. The quality of light in my photos is just as important as the light itself. Years ago when I started learning about photography, one of the first things I read somewhere was that soft light looks more 'flattering' on people. I got rid of this ridiculous rule from my head when I realised there's no good or bad light. It all depends on the photographer, the subject, and the story in the images. I let Ana do her thing and just be in front of my camera. I kept my instructions to a minimum to allow her to be free to move how she does. I end up getting images that show my subject in a more unique way. That's what it's all about for me. 


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