So, I'm Vicky from South London, but originally born in Poland. I am nineteen years young and a fine art student at Kingston university; currently on my first year now.

There are probably way too many things that I find interesting in this world for me to try and list all of them, but here we go! I love music as many of us do in this world, I am a food addict for sure, all types of food excite me more than anything and cooking makes me extremely happy, especially if it's for someone else. I think there's no greater pleasure in life than offering someone a meal that puts a smile on their face.

Art is something I'm very passionate about, and have been for a very long time now. I'm mainly very into painting/drawing and photography. But only in my practice. Outside of that I love and appreciate all sorts of art possible. Making and creating just bring me great gratification. The idea of finishing something like a painting is an undescribable feeling. The feeling of accomplishment and knowing you have the power to create something that can move another person is beautiful. There's so much you can say through art, and so much good you can generate, or simply making someone see in a new and exciting way. These are just some of the reasons I'm so passionate about art and why I love photography too.

But most of all what I'm most interested in, in life is having a great time and really trying to live this life we get to the fullest. Sounds like a really clichéd answer but I think it's so important not to get too hooked up in how people think we should live our lives and really let go and see what's best for us and what makes us happy. Just try and smile every day, and also make other lives joyful. If you set out good vibrations, they will come flying back at you twice as strong for sure. There's no going wrong if you're cheerful .

As to modeling, it kind of all happened accidentally. I remember my first photoshoots would be with some talented friends of mine back in sixth form, who were starting to get into photography and used me in their work. Then my proper first shoot was organized by two guys who were looking for a model for a clothing line they were working with. And after that I think it was a word of mouth kind of effect, and most of the shoots I go for, the photographers find me through my Instagram or another photographers Instagram that my photos feature in. I'm not signed or anything like that so I'd barely even say I'm a model, I just sometimes take pictures for people.




So, when me and Adam spoke about the shoot the first time, I was presented with some photographs of the location. Automatically I was in love with the whole vibe of this place. I couldn't wait to go and see it. On the day I arrived at the location with loads of comfy homely clothes/underwear and sox , because this home screamed comfy sox to me; it was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the photos of it.

We started the shoot with a relaxed look, sort of chilling in bed having a comfy time at home. A lot of the shots are of me not facing the camera and not making eye contact, Adam wanted to go for a "no one is home with me" sort of feel, where it's literally me documented at home with no one else. And as the shoot went on I started to dress in more dressed up clothes, as if I was getting ready to go somewhere by the end of the day. But also then there's a few shots of me undressing, that could show me coming back home and relaxing again.

It's always a great pleasure working with Adam. I remember the first shoot we had, he brought cupcakes to the shoot, and they were so good; he even sent me home with some so the vibe is always super friendly and fun. Adam is a very welcoming person and makes you feel very comfortable when working together. He always asks if there is anything I want to shoot, so I feel like my ideas are just as important to him. The thing that always excites me most about shooting with Adam is the fact he brings so many polaroid films. Something that stuck out for me would probably be this red and black polaroid film he bought this time to experiment with. We weren't super keen on what came out of those but I still found them thrilling.




The location is situated in an old factory that has been converted into properties. This specific property is owned by an architect who has created a space which has a bohemian yet modernist vibe. Personally, I love how he has created additional rooms /sanctuaries although I think I would end up falling to my death the first time I come home drunk if I permanently lived there.




So, I'd say no [I haven't always been comfortable and confident]. It's something that I grew into I think. I remember my first shoot I was as stiff as a board, I remember asking the photographer to tell me what to do, which is terrible. I also had to wait until I was eighteen to do anything more explicit. This was a good thing as it gave me some time to learn how to feel comfortable in front of the camera but also to learn how to not look too out there if I lose some clothes in the shots. But in general, I think modeling can strengthen the feeling of comfort in your own skin just as much as it can ruin it. If you really embrace the fact that the pictures are art and learn to love every sort of body sort out there, you'll find beauty in yourself and others, and that's very important.I definitely now feel way more comfortable than I did a year or two ago and feel like I can put myself out there with more confidence.


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