"It can be difficult playing different roles and emotions while shooting everyday, but despite the challenge, I enjoy being able to portray a character that I may not be in real life! I am able to balance who I am by keeping family close and good people around me. Sometimes, when I meet other models for the first time they say, "Wow, I was almost scared to meet you, because you seem intimidating from your photos." However, anyone who knows me would say I don't have a mean bone in my body! Even though this industry can be harsh, I try to stay true to myself and enjoy the ride!"


I am always looking for both new and familiar faces to feature. You could have 500k social media followers, or 50 - there is no minimum. If your work is rad, it will speak for itself. Photographers, models, and individuals with something to say, please do not hesitate to reach out if you would like to be interviewed, have an editorial published, or have another idea in mind.

Exclusivity is a priority. Photos may be featured on social media and personal websites, but please let me know if work has been previously featured in other publications or blogs or if you intend to publish them elsewherein the future. Features typically include around thirteen to sixteen photos, but more options are always welcome. I do not commission shoots at this time, therefore, I mainly use previously unpublished work, or work that you set up independently.

Nudity is not required, though there are no restrictions against it either. The great Hattie Watson pretty much summed it up perfectly when I previously interviewed her. She said, "Nudity doesn't have to be sexual, and it's not. When it is, who cares? It could be fucking beautiful."

Let loose, have fun, don't worry if your work doesn't "fit" in with others, and don't hold back.

Please direct any and all submissions and inquiries to junk@junnnktank.com

JUNNNKTANK is an online zine which has existed in one form or another since 2006. For over a decade, the focus has been on highlighting the efforts of inspiring individuals and artists from around the world. Never Quit.